We’re always looking for new talent to add to our award-winning team of passionate and talented animation professionals. At Triggerfish, we strive to create the best opportunities for your creativity and technical skills to flourish and develop, in an environment that is both challenging and enabling.

We're currently hiring for the following positions:

Animation Director
Assembly editor
Character Modeler
Character Supervisor
[closes 2018-09-30]
Compositing Artist
[closes 2019-05-14]
Crowd Animator
[closes 2019-08-14]
Fur Artist
[closes 2018-12-14]
Lead Stereographer
[closes 2019-02-28]
Lighting Artist
[closes 2019-04-14]
Previs Artist
Production assistant to director
Render Wrangler
[closes 2019-02-14]
Rigging Artist
Set Dressing and Layout Artist
[closes 2019-02-14]
Set Modeler
[closes 2018-09-14]
Shading Artist
[closes 2018-10-14]
[closes 2019-02-28]
Texturing Artist
[closes 2018-10-14]
VFX Artist

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